Abbymoon - What's for Sale

Abbymoon has a very eclectic mix of items for sale. The products that are available will differ from expo to expo and as items become sold out they may not be replaced.


New items are being added all the time. We are hoping to extend the handmade range too.


We currently stock aromatherapy diffusers and necklaces, room sprays, handmade items, jewellery, tote bags, essential oil boxes, Shovava scarves, fairy houses & accessories, giftware and much more.


Keep up to date with what's new on our Facebook page and contact us HERE if you have any questions.

Aromatherapy Products


Diffuser necklace

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Soy melts

with Essential Oils

Fragrant Oils

for candle & soap making

Room Sprays

with Essential Oils

Sterling Silver Jewellery






Raw Amethyst

Imperial Jasper

Plain Silver

Green Amethyst

Costume Jewellery

Tote Bags


Essential Oil Boxes


Shovava Scarves


Fairies, gnomes, houses & accessories




Handmade & Decorated Items

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